Reading and Raw Food


bound sunshine in Fully Booked (Greenbelt 5)

October and November spelled the busiest months of my 2011. By end of September, I took a deep breath before jumping onto the sunrise of October 1st. Balancing the different hats I wear and their individual needs posed a sprinkling of challenges, dropping a couple of balls and quickly picking them all back up.

During my lovely retreat to Mama Palawan (Coron and Culion) to bask under the brightest of sunshine, I stopped and just BE! and marveled at the phenomenon of the sky and sea melting to one glorious shade of blue. The miracle that is Palawan requires nothing less than reverent silence.

Adjusting back from my sweet reprieve, visiting my favorite bookstores are in order. I realized that for quite some time, I haven’t read the way I used to read…voraciously, curiously, taking delight with each flip of a page–no thanks to the internet. The sweet reprieve–and intermittent internet connection–reminded me how absolutely delicious reading can be and why it will always be my first love.

As a light worker with a passion for furthering the advocacy in raw food with a renewed love affair with reading, it is a gift to see THREE–not just one but three!–books on raw food on a bookstore shelf. I take that one small step to awakening in the sunshine and love of raw food!

About 3-4 months ago, I only saw one book on raw food in NBS, written by Diana von Cranach:

Living Flavours of Southeast Asia

I’ve been diligently praying for local raw food books hitting the market like a storm and I am answered by The Farm at San Benito‘s recent release of RAW!:

photo by Celine Fernando

Unfortunately, RAW! is not available in local bookstores as of this writing. I trust it will be plus others, and soon! the country thirsts for more raw food books and most of them don’t know it yet. 😀

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