A Vegan For Every Reason

Vegan For Every Reason

I suppose the hearts who used to read my blog wonder what happened to me during my nearly 1.5 year hiatus. To put it simply, I was “growing”–both literally and figuratively. My last post is essentially telling everyone we are moving to a new house and how unpacking drove me a little insane–I changed my domain twice and lost two years worth of blog entries, focused on hugging my cats most of my time, to say the least. Little did I know that the last two years is about reevaluating my path, and deepening and growing vigorous roots in veganism.

People who know me are well aware that I started this journey in late 2010 (perhaps even earlier), with so much focus on reclaiming my health through raw vegan food. At the time and for some time, it was just that, food–there is absolutely nothing wrong with it–until I discovered that food is a single part of the entire picture. Like Yoga, asana is only one of its 8 limbs. There is more to it than I thought.

I experimented tirelessly with the aim to find what kind of vegan diet works best for me and this is where I found 80-10-10, a fully raw lifestyle based on fruits and vegetables. Since I am known for being an idealist and a bit of an extremist, I dove in, head on and smashed in 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day in mostly fruit for months waiting for “results”–I was hoping to get fitter–and the results I got is gaining almost half the excess weight I lost a few years back. Before I go any further, I am not blaming my weight gain on 80-10-10, I blame it on my excitement to log in empirical data (aka experience) without adequate education on physiological science and full awareness of my starting point. Not to mention that I transformed into a sedentary office potato whose only major activity almost on a daily basis is working in the kitchen. Literally, I lost all common sense that I do have to burn most of what I eat and I cannot eat the entire world without sweat and putting my body to good use.

Going back, what I find balancing for my constitution and disposition right now is eating mostly raw, high carb, low fat, whole, vegan (although I will partake of vegan cookies and processed food on occasion) food. Mostly, I subsist on green smoothies for breakfast and lunch if I am incredibly busy, and loads of rice, beans, lentils, leafy vegetables for dinner. On top of this, I am slowly rediscovering the power of movement, finding my way back on the mat and biking. Let’s just say, I’ve never been more excited as things unfold and magic happens.

So, what are you going to expect from Lakapati in the forthcoming weeks and months? For starters, I’d be blogging more often, committing to post one per week or at least 3 per month. There will be more recipes, thoughts, insights, interviews of inspiring, beautiful and handsome vegans and leads for good noms, etc. as I continue to manually restore my old blog entries and polish the blog layout. Next up, we are selling our delicious, nutrient-dense, whole, vegan food every weekend here in the South of Metro Manila after the holy week. Please stay tuned for details.


Oh, and by the way, if in case you want to learn more about eating and living the way I do, have the most fun eating only fruits and vegetables, be in the company of the coolest, loving and vibrant people on the planet, please visit Manila Vegans in Facebook.

We have monthly Veg Ups (vegan potlucks) held in different parts of the Metropolis. Next month, we are going to Tagaytay.  Interested? Get your bums over to Manila Vegans for details and we hope to see you there.

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