Manic for Ice Cream

Thai Vanilla

The bold flavors of Siam: Kaffir, lemongrass and lime tempered by vanilla and rounded by coconut milk, crowned with Thai basil.

The scorching hot summer sun makes the average citizen long for the beach, jump in cold water, take frequent showers, turn on the a/c to full blast, sweat like a pig, develop migraines and during unfortunate times, suffer from heat stroke. These days, any excuse to open the fridge, down cold treats are welcome, especially if we’re talking about my husband–when under the hot sun, is no different than the average citizen.

KK LOVES ice cream and this love goes straight back to more than 30 years of beautiful and poignant memories. He can eat a pint in less than 10 minutes, I kid you not. When the temperature rises to as hot as 38 to even 40 degrees,  I do not have the heart to raise my hand and stop KK from grabbing the closest half-gallon tub of ice cream to cool himself down.

Deep dark chocolate married with carob, beautifully punctuated by chai spice

Deep dark chocolate married with carob, beautifully punctuated by chai spice

My husband doing this almost daily made me uncomfortable because I know there are a lot of hormones (because of the cow milk), artificial flavors, refined sugar, stabilizers and other things I cannot even pronounce in ice cream so I started making the kind of ice cream our bodies will thank us for eating: Raw (hardly processed, 100% nutrition) , non-dairy, coconut-based, no extenders, stabilizers, white sugar and no artificial anything. The plan is to stuff the freezer to the brim and give the husband zero excuse to buy commercial ice cream, especially when what I make tastes much better and is nutritionally superior.

two half-gallon tubs of not-your-usual ice cream.

two half-gallon tubs of not-your-usual ice cream.

So far we have two half-gallon tubs in the freezer (awesome way to recycle all those ice cream tubs from the store). Tomorrow, I shall make durian ice cream or perhaps passion fruit and orange sherbet? The options are endless. Super soon, our kitchen will offer these–and more flavors– for sale. Watch out for announcements.

4 Responses to “Manic for Ice Cream”

  1. Alvin Basa says:

    Hon, the record was just over 8mins with a heck of brain freeze as a result!

  2. Kat says:

    Put me on top your list of customers for this. Lalo na if you find a recipe for salted caramel. :-)

  3. Tangerine says:

    I wish I can take this home! Hahaha!

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