Our Pursuit of Happyness

Kusina ni Lakapati or KNL is a wholefood vegan kitchen created by Lakapati Basa with simplicity and genuine sustainability at its core. KNL prepares simple, sun-kissed, compassionate and plant-based food using mostly locally sourced and organic (whenever possible) produce. The kitchen opens its doors to hearts who are loving to experience better health and vibrant energy with high carb, low fat, high raw food in the forefront.

Lakapati’s journey in veganism started in late 2010 when she reached a critical point: Tipped the scales at 200+ pounds and diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). Deciding she can do something else aside from depending on pills to get better, she committed to a plant-based high raw food lifestyle. After discovering raw food in Dahon Kusina, she happily co-facilitated and assisted in workshops with Asha Peri the following year. Following her heart, she flew to Bali in 2012 and was certified as a  Gourmet Raw Food Chef and Detoxification and Health Educator in Pure Joy Academy by Elaina Love. Since she arrived, she focused on introducing and making raw food easy for beginners and transition initiatives light, un-oppressive and easier to commit to. Following the same tenet in simplicity and creating magic, her journey continues with the exploration of different styles of vegan food preparation. She shares them to anyone who is choosing to be healthier, kinder to animals and the planet as she works on being the best version of herself.

Aside from being the premiere goddess of her kitchenLakapati is an experienced human resource and management professional, overseeing work spaces in South of Metro Manila and Cebu. She enjoys sharing her passion for simple living and plant-based food especially to tenderfoots and inspiring everyone to love animals and the planet better by making compassionate choices starting with peace on their plate.