We’ve Moved

photo from Home Fries

It has been two weeks since we moved to our new home and we’re only halfway done with all the unpacking–not to mention organizing everything to fit our new casa. Relocating two adults, three cats, one kitchen and whittled-down stuff can be nerve-wracking and energy taxing. Before I go on a long tirade how it has been for my family of five, let me tell you that I took my sweet time oscillating between the state of whelm and gratitude for fresh starts in the last three weeks. Boy, it’s so much easier to be whelmed than be enthusiastic as you grow older.

Making the decision to move was definitely not penciled in for this year. The mere fact that we have been dealing with a slippery wet floor each time it rains hard which lead us to shut down our kitchen operations and caused ceaseless whining and annoyance from our cats each time are enough reasons to jump ship. Time to chuck the idea of moving later and move ASAP.

After hours of being on all fours, armed with a wet rag and a bucket. KK and I just said it out loud, “We have to move. I hope we can move somewhere super close by where we can fit everything plus a dedicated area for KNL.” Lo and behold, after 24 hours, we found such a place two blocks away. Now, if only we can manifest the unpacking and reorganization just as fast however, these require time and patience.

In the midst of the organized chaos of opening and emptying boxes, we slowly resume our living food operations. We understand that even with the best of planning and intentions, it is just as important to respect the “flow of things” . KNL is undergoing massive transformation–to which I will give a more detailed update when it’s time–since June and while moving to the new HQ makes the development slower than what is desired, it simply is nothing more than perfect.

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